Born in Rotterdam, 1952 Living in Overveen, The Netherlands. 1974-1976 Rietveld Academy - Teaching degree, drawing and painting. 1976-1982 Rietveld Academy - Fine arts, painting and monumental design Since graduating, I focused primarily on commissioned portraits, not only in the Netherlands, but from all over the world. As of 2005, I've changed my focus and am concentrating on free creations. Recently, I started 'The Garbage Collection'. This is a recent series of acrylic paintings that, although figurative stills, are almost abstract. The source of inspiration is our daily garbage, as witnessed by the fast transience of matter and events in this modern age.



ART PRINTS by Saatchi

Affiliations & Memberships:
-Kunstkring Bloemendaal FIORE
-KZOD, Haarlem

-Gallery RitsArt



2010- Magna Plaza Contemporary Art Exhibition - What comes around goes around
2010- Sint Lucas Andreas (solo)
2009- participatie Poligious Issues , 10dence art collective
2009- Kerst Expo Kado, KZOD in de Waag (groeps)
2009- Kunstlijn Haarlem 2009; Figee (solo)
2009- ACHTER DE ZUILEN, Kunstkring Fiore,Bloemendaal.(groeps)
2008 -Deelname KUNSTLIJN HAARLEM 2008
2008 -ART4WATER, Amsterdam
2008 -ACHTER DE ZUILEN,Fiore,Bloemendaal.(groeps)
2008 -BLIK OP SCHOON, Galerie Busarts, Bergen op Zoom
2007 -Deelname KUNSTLIJN 2007, Haarlem
2007 -GOOI EN EEMLAND ART FAIR 2007, Hilversum
2007 -GALERIE BIZARTS, Bussum(groeps)
2007 -THE GALLERY DONKERSLOOT, Amsterdam(groeps)
2007 -ACHTER DE ZUILEN,Fiore,Bloemendaal.(groeps)
2007 -GALERIE WALLS, Amsterdam (groeps)
2007 -GALLERY RITSART, Maassluis (duo)
2006 -GALERIE ARTISHOX, Bladel.(gastexposant)
2006 -GLAZEN HUIS, Amstelpark, Amsterdam.(solo)
2006 -MARZIART, international gallery, Hamburg.(groeps)
2006 -'CASA TODAY'van KZOD,de WAAG, Haarlem.
2006 -'uitgelicht' bij ARTOLIVE

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